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Stunning displays any time of year. From 20 Christmas Trees to a simple Window display.

We offer stunning Selfie Stations and installations to Shopping Centres and beyond. Improve the ambiance of the mall or area with an eye catching LED feature, how about a community project setting or selfie wall, perhaps give an existing feature a make over.  ​We are committed to bringing the joy of color and imagination to public spaces​. We also offer our services to private events and functions. We are always happy to support local communities, if you need support let us know how we can help.​ With a stand out display you will definitely appeal to the Social Media enthusiasts of our decade as they pose away uploading snaps! #Selfiestation.

We love to to provide a playful, fun environment where customer's can engage, interact, and connect with those they arrive with or meet new people. ​Perhaps a gang of Superheroes for a Summer take over to engage imagination.. Perhaps just a chill out zone for shoppers to kick their feet up! ​Our floral and LED installations are eye catching and can be beautifully installed any time of the year to suit any season. ​Christmas wouldn’t be complete without our “Incredibauble selfie” wall or one of our beautiful hand styled trees. ​

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