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Everything you need from one events company.

Founded in 2014 by Gemma who at the time had three under 5's, quite the handful, the company has continued to deliver year on year. With an amazing team and her passion for creativity, she has driven the company to where it is today. 

 We are a creative, national events company who have a specialism working within the retail and corporate industry, though we offer a range of services across many industries. 

We deliver educational, inspiring events and workshops for families, provide Kids Club management in Centres, renovate retail spaces, create great brand engagement with our staffing, facilitate older audience workshops and events as well as offering exciting selfie stations..

We work closely with clients to offer a variety of services which you can find out more about in each section of our website! 

Delivering over 500 events a year, you can trust us with your reputation. 



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